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    14 – 28 September

    ramoslübbert is thrilled to announce Sophie Mackfall, Diana Duta and Sara Trillo as the participants of the second edition of Arnis Residency.  

    The residency will start on Friday 14th and we are looking forward to welcome them. After a period of research and production, the artists will present their artworks in a public event spread across different locations in Arnis on Thursday 27th September. More information about their individual practices will follow soon. 

  2. Sara Trillo

    'Tools for an expedition', various materials, 2017. Open School East, Margate

  3. Sophie Mackfall

    'Ass to the Wind', acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 2017

  4. Diana Duta 

    'Having purple eyes', performance in collaboration with Matthieu Levet, 2018. Live at Rollaversion Gallery, London