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  1. Arnis Residency is an annual programme that invites contemporary artists to live and work for two weeks in the rural region of Arnis, in Northern Germany.

    Arnis is situated on a half island of 0.45 km2 and it has the title of smallest town in Germany with only 279 habitants. Its history of sea related industries remains visible in the functioning shipyards, fisherboats, port facilities as well as in the production sites for sails and nautical charts.

    The first edition of the residency launches with Urban Hinterland — a term describing a transition zone where urban and rural spaces mix – engaging through the arts with nature, the sea and the rural/urban dynamic. The residency concluded in a one-day event across different sites in Arnis in which the artists showcased the results of their residency to the local audience.


    Benjamin Owen is a filmmaker whose practice aims to expand the idea of cinema, creating environments where film and performance may coexist. Music plays a central role in his work, with performers producing musical counterpoints in the form of live soundtracks.

    During the Arnis Residency, Owen will develop a new chapter of his current project, AcCord, an experimental documentary using sound to radically reframe live-recorded interviews with an ageing community. The film will involve a series of conversations with residents of Arnis, places and musicians based in the town to create drifting musical portraits. The project aims to explore the unique forms of collectivity that emerge in this setting, how that agency is expressed, and how those perceived as vulnerable make strong use of improvisation, memory and song to overcome physical impairments and tiredness.

    Benjamin Owen is a British artist currently living in London. Recent projects include: Mutter, a collaboration with Kit Poulson, CHELSEA space (London, 2017); G o / d f, Plymouth Arts Centre (Plymouth, 2016) and The Importance of Difficulty, a film collaboration with ‘Halftone’ contemporary quartet (Supernormal Arts Festival, 2016).



    Sarah Duffy is an artist whose work embraces performance, writing, video, sound and installation. In recent years she has been investigating the complex relationship that humans have had with the voice over time.

    During her residency, Duffy will delve into ocean sound phenomena, merging it with her interest in the Siren myth and the themes of power, desire, loss and possession that are intrinsic to it. With the aid of dissociative vocal techniques that Duffy has been cultivating over the last few years, she will create a series of monologues for the residency event, intertwining song, mythology and scientific fact; each performed at different times of the day to play with shifts in light, temperature, sound and temporality.

    Sarah Duffy is a British artist currently living and working in London. Recent exhibitions include A Faraway Rendez-vous at SixtyEight Art Institute (Copenhagen, 2016); Om3am at The Greenwich foot tunnel (London, 2016); and Enjoy The Silence at The Camden Arts Centre (London, 2015).



    Annelyse Gelman and Auden Lincoln-Vogel is a poet-animator duo who graduated from Reed College together in Portland, Oregon. While their collaborations vary in form, their work is often an attempt to translate between visual and linguistic representation, creating a space in which neither word nor image is given priority—sometimes by uniting word and image, sometimes by breaking them apart.

    Their next collaboration will take place in Arnis in the form of a ‘guided tour’ across the central road that bisects the town. Though this work adapts the structure of the guided tour, the resemblance is only surface deep: the ‘history’ they will explore will be surreal poetry, site-specific but fictional, a single heteroglossic performance-poem generated in response to specific local landmarks. The tour will be delivered in both English and German, with the help of an academic figure from Arnis.

    Auden Lincoln-Vogel lives in Tallin, Estonia and Annelyse German is based in Berlin, Germany. Recent showcases include Death in Venice, Experiments in Cinema Albuquerque (USA, 2017); and Giraffe in Best of ZEBRA, Open Air Short Film Festival / dotdotdot, Vienna (Austria, 2015).