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  1. This shall be for a bond between us

    22 June 2019, 7-10pm

    Art Night Open
    Lloyd Park
    London E17 4PP

    This shall be for a bond between us explores the intersections of nature, art and community space as a fertile ground for cultural encounter. Encouraged by the bucolic context of Lloyd Park and by the moat that surrounds it, the works connect with the patterns of nature and the mutability of the materials.

    The willows at the edge of the moat deserted by their lovers
    eating ice-cream
    singing songs
    but that’s just us
    The water house
    What does it mean to temporarily inhabit a 16th century field? A garden for the blind, sweet smelling plants
    If the jellyfish take over the waterways
    Let’s join them

    The shape of things to come
    This cyanobacteria in the water is your arm
    Making kin in ponds
    This shall be for a bond between us
    Surfaces encounter, steel mesh frames
    friction generates substance
    A plastic bottle floats
    half in the water half in the air
    Our relations to other humans and
    more than human watery bodies
    form this space
    60-90 per cent of ourselves is biologically comprised of water But our entanglement goes deeper
    in the foliage, in the skin

    Sophie Mackfall, Lost Horizon, 2019 
    Acrylic on Canvas, Rope

    In the spirit of William Morris and echoing The Woodcraft Creed (from which the event takes its title), Sophie Mackfall’s practice considers how decoration of every day objects and the application of colour and form might be used to both inspire transcendent experience and envision a new way of life. In her works, she plays with the spatial, fluid and contextual potential of painting to speak about a temporal relationship to place.

    Sophie Mallett, Thousands of us cluster together, 2019 

    Thousands of us cluster together is a performance which merges ocean survival stories with real-life ecological tales to imagine a world where jellyfish are the protagonists of a new era of geopolitics. Jellyfish are capable of asexuality, invisibility, in some cases immortality and can clone thousands of themselves at any one time. They are social but have no brains. They can dominate without strategy. They are preparing for a future we will never achieve. Thousands of us cluster together is everything you need to know about the jellyfish apocalypse.

    Andrea Zucchini, Confessions, 2019
    Performative Reading

    Andrea Zucchini’s practice explores the convergence of different fields of knowledge, juxtaposing the scientific to the mythological, the geologic to the cosmological. Drawing from the moat that surrounds Lloyd Park, Zucchini revisits cultural and personal histories in a reading that resonates with the protective quality of water.

    Fay Zmija Nicolson, Lelia Gone, 2019 
    Open Rehearsal

    Drawing form her recent performances combining voice and movement, Fay Zmija Nicolson will workshop a short repertoire exploring the pastoral during the day, presenting the outcomes as an open rehearsal. The workshop will use song to explore myths entangled around the natural, and the rituals of sacrifice and celebration that plant us within it. This workshop forms part of a larger work in progress (Lelia Gone) combining image, epic poem and song.

    Participants: Barack Alsane, Isabella Bock, Louise O’Connor, Samantha Fitzgerald & Andrea Kearney

  2. Photo Credits: ramoslübbert & Tom Carter